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3 Strategies For Making Your Divorce More Amicable

Published March 31, 2021
Going through a divorce can be stressful, especially when feelings of hostility are involved. By working towards a common goal, maintaining civility, and exploring the benefits of mediation, you may be able to make the divorce process more productive and peaceful.

Facing the end of a marriage is often difficult, prompting a range of emotions like sadness, anxiety, anger, and more. While you mourn the loss of your partnership, you are also tasked with making a number of important decisions that will shape your future. However, if you are beginning the divorce process with a heavy sense of animosity or contention between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, the upcoming months may prove to be especially difficult. While no one expects you and your ex to be good friends throughout this challenging process, there are ways to reduce feelings of stress and tension along the way. Here are three strategies for making the divorce process more peaceful for you both.

Maintain Respect For One Another

While it’s completely fine to feel bitter, resentful, or angry toward your spouse as your marriage ends, it’s important to continue to treat them with respect and civility as much as possible. Remind yourself that the divorce process is temporary, and that remaining calm and collected in the present will give you more control over your future. If you can avoid becoming weighed down in unproductive arguments that only cause you more stress and pain, you’ll be able to focus more on building a brighter future for yourself.

Work Towards a Common Goal

If you and your ex can agree that you’re both working towards a common goal, such as concluding the marriage and moving your separate ways, the process will likely proceed more productively and peacefully. For instance, you may decide to prioritize the needs of your children, which will give you common ground to strive towards during your divorce negotiations. In many cases, working towards a common goal can establish mutual respect and collaboration between spouses throughout the process.

Consider the Benefits of Mediation

As lengthy court battles can quickly become contentious—not to mention costly—many divorcing couples find the mediation process more suitable to helping them achieve their divorce goals. The mediation process encourages couples to actively participate in each step of the process, which can ultimately leave both parties feeling empowered and satisfied with the outcome they’ve achieved through a series of negotiations. If you’re interested in learning more about the mediation process in Oregon, reach out to a seasoned divorce and family law attorney to get started.


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