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3 Tips For Helping Your Marriage Weather These Uncertain Times

Published March 3, 2021
Marriages are under additional strain during these uncertain times. By taking time to connect with your spouse, shake up the usual routine, and admit when you may need help, you may feel more supported and optimistic about the future, whatever it holds.

As we make our way through the summer of 2020, we continue to face an uncertain future. Whether you are an essential worker, you’re working from home, or you’ve been laid off in the wake of the global pandemic, your life has undoubtedly shifted in several ways. Marriages are also experiencing challenges, as spouses are facing prolonged periods of time in close proximity to one another while navigating a slew of financial, social, personal, and health concerns. Let’s take some time to discuss three simple tips for nurturing your marriage—and yourself—during these unsettling times.

Tip #1: Give Voice to Your Struggles

Carrying a large amount of stress around on your own can create additional problems for yourself and your family. If you keep your anxieties to yourself, you may begin to have trouble focusing on your daily tasks, enjoying moments of joy, or getting a good night’s sleep. Try to make time to vent your frustrations and concerns to your partner so that you can feel less alone. In most cases, spouses who make space for honest and open communication on a frequent basis tend to feel more connected and supportive of one another.

Tip #2: Create Opportunities to Just Have Fun

Once life before the pandemic shifted into what it is now, many of us were forced to cancel our upcoming vacations, visits with friends or relatives, and other future plans. Psychologists have since vocalized how important it is for humans to have something to look forward to, as making plans creates a sense of optimism and anticipation about the future. While it’s natural to mourn our canceled trips, couples can still seek out creative ways to have fun. Schedule a weekly “takeout” night where you order takeout from a different restaurant each time. Implement a “no media” night once a week so that you explore old board games, journal, or simply chat with one another. These small variations to your routine will give you a small dose of anticipation and excitement that we all crave.

Tip #3: Acknowledge When You Need Help

While some marriages may simply require some focus and revitalization, others may have run their course. If you and your spouse realize that your relationship is no longer serving you, it’s time to explore your options for moving forward. Speaking to a compassionate and skilled divorce and family law attorney is a great way to learn more about the process and what you can expect from it. Most importantly, reassure yourself that the ending of a marriage is not a failure—rather, it’s an opportunity to begin the next chapter of your life on your own terms.


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