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The Importance of Additional Support During Divorce

Published December 23, 2019

Divorce is rarely an unemotional or even enjoyable experience for the vast majority of people. Most times, the entire family feels as though a war is being waged on the home front. It can be especially difficult for children, particularly when their parents fight over custody. This distraction can deeply impact their interest in friends and hobbies, as well as their performance in school.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how a local school stepped up to support one student struggling with a divorce in her family.

A Familiar Story

Milwaukie high schooler Vania Torres comes from a close-knit family. During her junior year, a close relative who lived in the Torres family home was experiencing a bitter divorce. Everyone in the home was devastated, especially because it seemed that the relative might not get custody of her young child. Torres’ grades gradually — then quickly — suffered and she was in danger of failing algebra, which she needed to pass in order to graduate.

Helping Hands

In a heartwarming effort, support for Torres came from administrators at her school. She was summoned to the principal’s office, where she was met by the head principal, both assistant principals, and three guidance counselors. Torres feared she was going to be reprimanded, but instead found a team of concerned mentors who wanted to help her pass her math class and graduate on time.

They told Torres that they believed in her and would do everything they could to help her succeed. Head Principal Kathleen Walsh began attending Torres’ algebra class with her several times per week. Vice principals sat with her during breaks in the common room and helped her with her homework. Walsh made a point to greet Torres each day with a smile and a hug so that she knew she had someone at school who truly wanted her to be there.

Torres says, “I knew that they wanted me to graduate and I had their support. It felt amazing.”

An Important Lesson

Torres ultimately passed her algebra class and graduated with the rest of her senior class. She is now in her second term study nursing prerequisites at Clackamas Community College.

If your family is experiencing a divorce, it’s essential to ensure that your children receive the emotional support that they need. Here are some ideas for providing extra attention:

  • Ask close adult friends of yours to spend regular time with your children; perhaps a weekly coffee meet-up, after-school homework help, weekend crafting, etc.
  • Communicate with adults in your child’s life who can offer a sympathetic ear, such as religious mentors, team coaches, music instructors, etc.
  • Find a counselor who specializes in family law issues for your child to see
  • Seek out a support group for children experiencing divorce


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