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How to Navigate Child Custody in the Time of COVID-19

Published November 18, 2020
People all over the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and parents are facing additional logistical challenges. If an existing child custody order is not feasible or exposes you or your child to needless risks, try to collaborate with the other parent to temporarily adjust the terms.

Under normal circumstances, child custody can be difficult to navigate and disputes arise quite often. With the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, parents are facing additional complications when it comes to child custody matters such as parenting time and transporting children between different households, all while attempting to minimize exposure to the virus. Let’s take some time to explore how COVID-19 is affecting child custody arrangements throughout Oregon.

Social Distancing and Child Custody Arrangements

Like other states across the country, Oregon has issued numerous social distancing guidelines that are intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout the community. While Governor Kate Brown’s shelter-in-place order has not directly impacted child custody orders, there are still some precautions that you and your ex should take in order to minimize your risk of contracting or spreading the virus. If you can, continue to abide by the child custody order that is currently in place, as deliberately disobeying or denying visitation rights during the pandemic are not allowed and may lead to significant legal consequences.

Collaborating With the Other Parent

If you and your ex are concerned that the current child custody order does not sufficiently protect you or your child from exposure to COVID-19, or if the terms of the existing order have become unrealistic given the current situation, reach out to your child’s other parent and discuss your concerns. As much as you can, try to listen to one another and find ways of temporarily modifying the existing order that works for you both. While you may not be able to seek a formal modification, and as the modification would likely be needed only temporarily, you can simply document the amended terms and make sure you both agree with them.

Trusted Legal Guidance During this Uncertain Time

At Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C., we understand how this pandemic can be overwhelming and even frightening at times. Now more than ever, our dedicated legal team remains committed to helping you receive the support and services you need in order to feel protected.


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