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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in Oregon

Published August 4, 2021
In Oregon, divorcing couples can participate in mediation in order to negotiate and establish the terms of their divorce. It’s helpful to locate the necessary paperwork, set goals, and feel comfortable with your mediator so that the process can proceed smoothly.

Making the decision to pursue a divorce is often complex. As you explore your options for ending your marriage in Oregon, you may want to consider the benefits of mediation. During mediation, both spouses agree to work together to negotiate the terms of their divorce, enabling them to actively participate in the process and shape the outcome. Once you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have agreed to give mediation a try, you may wonder how you can best prepare for the process so that it can proceed as smoothly and as productively as possible. Below are three ways to prepare for a successful divorce mediation in the Portland area.

1. Assemble the Necessary Paperwork

In order to set yourselves up for a successful mediation, take some time ahead of time to locate important documents that you may need to reference during the process. Most mediators recommend that divorcing couples bring the following documents to the mediation session: Recent pay stubs, W2 or 1099 forms, a copy of the prenuptial agreement (if applicable), organized lists of your assets (i.e., balances in checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, investments) and debts (i.e., student loans, mortgages, credit card debt), and any other documentation you think would be useful in guiding you towards a successful outcome.

2. Set Goals and Share Them Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to begin the mediation process is to come to the table with open minds and a commitment to negotiate a fair outcome. If you and your spouse can articulate and share your goals with one another before the mediation session begins, you may find that the process moves more evenly and productively. Take some time on your own to think about what outcome you would like to achieve—how would you like your assets to be divided? If you have children, how can you create a parenting plan that fosters strong relationships with both parents? Share these goals with your partner so that you can keep your eyes on the bigger picture, even as minor disagreements or negotiations arise during the process.

3. Work With a Portland Mediator Who Can Support Your Goals

The role of a mediator is to facilitate conversations and collaborations between the two parties. Mediators are neutral third parties who do not take a particular position or side; rather, their purpose is to keep the negotiations moving forward toward a resolution to which both parties can agree. Due to the personal and emotional nature of the divorce process, many divorcing couples want to work with a mediator who is sensitive to their needs and who can provide a supportive environment. It’s definitely worth consulting a few mediators to get a sense of which individual would be the best fit for you.


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