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How to Seek a Spousal Support Modification in Oregon

Published December 23, 2020
In these economically uncertain times, it may be necessary to request a modification to your existing spousal support order. Working with a knowledgeable family law attorney is essential to ensuring that you complete each step of the process correctly and with confidence so that you can achieve your desired outcome.

If you’ve gone through the divorce process in Oregon, you may have an existing spousal support order in place. In most cases, the spousal support order is temporary, as it is designed to help both individuals adjust to their newly independent lives. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to modify the existing spousal support order, especially if the person who is obligated to pay support experiences a sudden loss of income or employment. Amid the economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s important to understand the modification process in Oregon so that you are aware of your options.

Spousal Support in Oregon

While not all divorces require the establishment of spousal support (also called “alimony) agreement, this arrangement is useful when one spouse faces significant economic hardship following the divorce. For example, if one spouse gave up a career in order to maintain the household or raise children during the marriage, they may be entitled to financial support while they attend an educational or vocational training program to make them employable. The most common type of spousal support is called transitional support, where the higher-earning spouse financially supports the other individual while they prepare to reenter the workforce. In some cases, spousal maintenance may be appropriate, but there is usually a specific date when the payments will cease. 

Requesting a Modification

If the person paying spousal support experiences a change in circumstances, they may request a modification to the existing spousal support order. As layoffs are happening across the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are finding themselves unable to afford their spousal support payments. If this has happened to you, you should contact a family law attorney who can guide you through the process of obtaining the modification. You’ll typically be required to complete the necessary paperwork and demonstrate the change in your financial situation. The court will assess the documents and decide whether to sign off on your modification request. Working with a knowledgeable attorney is a solid way to ensure that you complete every step of the process correctly and effectively.

Help When You Need It

Whether you are hoping to seek a modification to the existing spousal support order, or you wish to reinstate spousal support payments, Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. is here to help. We understand how challenging these times are, and we are ready to guide you through the modifications process so that you can achieve your desired outcome. Call our Portland office today at (503) 233-8868 to discuss your situation with a trusted and compassionate family law attorney.

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