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How Much Does Divorce Cost in Oregon?

Published May 12, 2021
Divorce is not cheap, but don’t make the mistake of cutting corners and jeopardizing your future. Working with a trusted divorce attorney can help to ensure that you will achieve an equitable and favorable outcome.

Coming to the realization that divorce is your best option can be overwhelming. As you sort through your complicated emotions and make a series of important decisions, you may wonder how much the divorce process itself will cost. From court fees to mediator fees, costs accumulate quickly. If you are considering a divorce or separation in Northwest Oregon, let’s take a look at some of the key financial aspects of divorce so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

The Cost of Filing Fees

As of 2020, the cost of filing for separation, annulment, or divorce is $301. You will pay this amount to the court when you file your forms with the court clerk. This fee simply allows the divorce process to begin; it does not cover any attorney fees or other expenses associated with divorce. If you are unable to pay this fee, you can fill out additional forms and request that the court either waive or defer your filing fee.

Other Expenses

Whether you are able to successfully mediate the terms of your divorce or you ultimately must appear in court to achieve a fair resolution, you may expect to invest a considerable amount of time and money. There may be mediator fees, costs for the professional services of accountants and property valuation experts, or, if you have children, additional fees for a parenting evaluator to determine child custody matters. You should also prepare for the ongoing costs of divorce that can extend well beyond the date that your divorce is finalized, such as spousal support or child support payments.

Spend Now to Save Later

While it may feel tempting to cut corners and save costs in the immediate future, trying to navigate your divorce on your own or with an inexperienced attorney can lead to significant hardship later on. Without the guidance of a trusted divorce and family law attorney, you risk long-term consequences that may ultimately compel you back to court. It’s worth it to invest in a hardworking, knowledgeable lawyer to ensure that you receive the exceptional legal guidance you need to secure a bright future.

If you are considering a separation or divorce in the Portland area, contact Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. at (503) 233-8868 to schedule a free initial consultation with a compassionate and dedicated family law attorney today.

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