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Sources of Support For Transgender Individuals Facing Family Law Disputes in Oregon

Published September 15, 2021
Family law disputes can be emotionally challenging, especially for transgender individuals who may face discrimination or other unique obstacles. Seek out a family law attorney who understands how to best support LGBTQ+ clients to ensure you obtain an equitable outcome.

Family law matters often involve complex emotions. As you navigate through a divorce, child custody dispute, or other issue affecting your family, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the process. Transgender individuals facing family law disputes may experience additional burdens or challenges, as they may find themselves defending their identity from being used against them by a vindictive partner. Working with an experienced family law attorney who is sensitive to the unique challenges transgender clients face is essential to ensuring that you obtain a fair outcome.

Be Prepared to Combat Misconceptions About Your Identity

Although Portland, Oregon is widely known for its liberal views and inclusivity, not every resident understands the unique challenges facing transgender individuals. Unfortunately, some transgender people find themselves defending or explaining their identities to confused spouses or members of the court, which can be difficult or even humiliating. If the legal dispute is particularly tense, your spouse may attempt to use your transgender identity against you somehow. They may argue that your transition was selfish or that your transgender identity would not be a good influence on your child. If you can prepare yourself to respond to these ignorant and harmful statements, you can face this unpleasant situation with poise and courage.

Know Your Legal Rights

If your case proceeds to court, your attorney will work with you to ensure that you fully understand your legal rights at every stage of the process. Depending on the specific circumstances, your attorney may file a motion or make an objection on the record if the opposing party, their attorney, or a member of the court fails to treat you with respect. Creating a paper trail of instances in which you were disrespected is a good way to prepare for an eventual appeal, should you decide to move forward with one.

Work With a Dedicated Portland LGBTQ+ Attorney

Perhaps the best way to ensure that you have the support you need during this challenging process is to search for a compassionate and understanding family law attorney. Make sure your attorney has worked with LGBTQ+ clients before and shows a sensitivity to your specific concerns. Take some time to interview attorneys before you decide which one will serve you best. Once you’ve found a family law attorney who treats you with the respect and support you need, you can approach the legal process with greater confidence.


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