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The Top 3 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Published July 15, 2020
Divorce is hard enough, so why make it more stressful? A collaborative divorce offers you and your ex the opportunity to create a customized divorce strategy that saves you time, money, and emotional hardship.

Making the decision to walk away from your marriage is rarely simple. After building your life around someone else, and perhaps becoming parents together, you are suddenly faced with seemingly endless decisions about how to successfully untangle your lives so that you can move forward on your own independent paths. Fortunately, the divorce process doesn’t have to be an intimidating battle in a courtroom. In recent years, collaborative divorce has become a more popular and less stressful alternative to traditional divorce, offering both partners the opportunity to end their marriages on their own terms. Let’s examine the top three benefits that the collaborative divorce process provides.

Upside #1: A More Peaceful Separation

At the beginning of the collaborative divorce process, you and your ex are asked to sign a commitment agreement that documents your intention to settle the terms of your divorce without resorting to duking it out in court. In most cases, this mindful intention to resolve your differences and commit to collaborating with each other can ease the process itself and make it more peaceful. Instead of constantly being on your guard and worried about attacking each other, you and your ex can reframe your strategy as one of seeking to achieve the best solution for everyone involved.

Upside #2: A Streamlined and Cost-Effective Solution

While traditional divorces can take months or years to conclude, the collaborative divorce process typically takes about 18 weeks (on average) to finalize. Since both parties are committed to working together, the process tends to go faster as you strive towards a common goal. Also, you won’t have to wait around for your time to appear in court, which often slows down the traditional divorce process. An added advantage of a collaborative divorce is the significant amount of money you will likely save—experts estimate that a collaborative divorce is about one-quarter as expensive as the cost of going to trial.

Upside #3: A Personalized and Empowering Outcome

Separating couples who go through the collaborative divorce process often walk away feeling empowered and optimistic about the future. Since they were in charge of negotiating their own terms and landing on a solution that they could live with, they felt a true sense of control and satisfaction over the final outcome. Also, since you and your ex are the ones discussing each detail of the divorce, you’ll be able to go over every aspect that is important to you—not to a judge who doesn’t understand your unique wishes and goals.


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